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Your Best Friend’s Life Companion,

Our tailor-made, premium products are 100% natural and are packed with locally-sourced, chemical-free ingredients from quality British farms.

NatureVito Limited,  the home of Green Dog Food and Green Pantry Cat Food was founded in early 2008, our main objective was to produce the worlds first 100% Natural complete dog food, no added synthetic vitamins and minerals and the added benefit of also having a unique herbal formulation Pura-Pel, that could potentially help dogs with a natural control of intestinal and external hygiene.

Why would this be important?

Well, nearly all dry complete foods on the market are processed through extrusion, baking and more recently cold pressed, the fact of the matter is they nearly always add synthetic vitamins and minerals to there foods, or in simple terms, man made e-numbers, this includes even top ‘natural and holistic’ dog foods.

Green Dog is extruded like many other complete foods, during any cooking process nutrient levels are likely to deplete, this is why synthetic nutrients need to be added to other foods. Why would Green Dog Foods not need these added synthetics? Well this goes back to our herbal premix Pura-Pel, this is full of ‘whole’ vitamins these are more stable through the cooking process, and this is what makes us different to everyone else, Keith’s bio will help to explain his back ground research behind our formulation.

Green Dog was the brain child to the late KEITH ALLISON MA FRSM who sadly passed away in early 2012 at the young age of 61. Keith was a close family friend to co-founders Simon, Pauline and Andrew Booth – making the business very much a family run affair with over 40 years in the industry.

Simon has always been an avid dog lover who grew up surrounded by dogs, he worked in kennels with top breeders in the early 80’s during his early teens. Simon himself successfully showed Old English Sheepdogs under the well known prefix of Simberdale. Simon and Pauline owned and ran a successful pet shop and wholesale business for several years and even employed Andrew as the general dogs body.

Andrew has always had some involvement within the pet industry from a very early age, to which he later aspired through experience working alongside Keith, this involved all aspects of production in premium Dog food, from the principles of holistic nutrition, formulating, manufacture and even sales. Keith was a true genius and loved by many, his legacy will always remain in Green Dog Food products.

NatureVito Ltd is still ran and distributed from rural Norfolk, where we enjoy the countryside with Lulu and Molly, the Green Dog Beagle and Green Pantry Cat. As a family run business we have family values and stay loyal and promote our products through good and trusted retailers only. Please click here to find your local stockist, if you do not have a convenient stockist close to you and would like to purchase Green Dog Food, please follow this link to our shop.

Since 2008 we have dealt with fantastic customers who continue to stay loyal to Green Dog because of the results they’ve seen, read some of our testimonials.


If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please get in touch. We will reply  to you as soon as possible.

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